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The art of property staging

Posted on Monday, November 4, 2019

As soon as you decide to sell your home, you need to think about staging it to boost its appeal to prospective buyers.  

While many of the tasks involved in creating a staged home won’t cost you a penny, you will need to invest some money in bringing your property up to scratch. You could also consider using the services of a professional home staging company, if time is tight – your estate agent may be able to advise. 

How do I stage my home to sell?

Paying to give a home, which you’ll never live in, the look and feel of a show home might seem a bit … counter intuitive. But it really could pay off in increased interest and higher offers. In fact, research by Rightmove revealed that staged homes sell for 8% more than ones which haven’t had the treatment. Just make sure you stick to your budget to recoup as much of your staging spend as possible.  

Staging a home is a bit of an art and can fee daunting at first. The easiest way to approach it is with a critical look at each room in turn. We have scoured the internet for expert tips from interior designers that will help you stage all around your home:  

Kerb appeal – the front of your house is the first thing buyers will see, so it needs to make a welcoming impression. Give your front door a lick of attractive-coloured paint and polish your door furniture. Clean your windows and, if you can, add a window box or two.  

The bathroom – a bathrooms and kitchen can definitely sell a property, and if yours are looking dated, a revamp could pay off. You don’t necessarily need a full bathroom refit  - think about replacing taps, mirrors or other fixtures and fittings.  

Replace any broken tiles and mouldy sealant and give it all a good clean, removing limescale deposits. Tidy away toiletries and shampoo bottles and give the space a spa-like feel with rolled towels, quality scent diffusers and tropical plants.  

The kitchen – a new kitchen can transform a home. If your units are looking tired, it’s cheaper to replace your cabinet doors, while retaining carcases.   

Clear away all the clutter, mend anything that’s broken and make sure everywhere is spotless for an elegant finish.  

The bedroom - make sure your bedrooms are tidy and have a calm, relaxed feel, with clean and neutral colour schemes. A gorgeous duvet cover can have a big impact, so upgrade your bed linen, adding cushions and throws – these you can take with you.  

Sort through any wardrobes that are crammed full of clothes and remove most of them – yes, viewers might look inside. There are plenty of storage solutions on the high street to help turn your wardrobes into a carefully ordered space.  

If you use a spare bedroom as a study or storage area, demonstrate to buyers its true purpose. If you don’t have a spare bed, borrow one from a friend or check eBay or Freecycle. Similarly, if you have a double room with a single bed, make it clear that the room can accommodate a double.   

The living room – put away anything that personalises the room too much; family photos, children’s drawings, birthday cards. If your home is overloaded with furniture, think about putting it in storage. Never ram it all into a garage or spare room - your prospective buyers will probably peek in there too. Nice accessories such as cushions, (healthy) plants and artworks make a home appealing.  

Ensure bookshelves aren’t overstuffed – remove books that are looking tatty and order the rest carefully – you'll see plenty of ‘shelfie’ ideas on Instagram.  

The dining room – while separate dining rooms have fallen from favour, you should still try to give your home a distinct dining area, where people can imagine eating as a family. If you always eat on your knee in front of the TV, borrow a dining table while you sell.

Decorating - a lick of paint could make all the difference to securing a sale. This is especially true if your existing colour scheme involves dark or bright shades. White and pale hues are tried and tested for appealing to the highest number of potential buyers. Plus, they have the advantage of reflecting light to make your rooms appear bright, airy and bigger too.  You can also give the impression of size by adding mirrors and glass fixtures and fittings.   

Odours - smell really is a big factor when you want to sell a house, so avoid cooking anything too pungent before a viewing. Keep pets’ litter trays and cages spotlessly clean or consider sending them on a holiday while viewings are taking place.   

Artificial air fresheners can create a bad impression – opt for quality scent diffusers or scented candles or just open a few windows to really air the place. Have carpets professionally cleaned, to get rid of any stains or lingering smells too. Vases of fresh flowers around the house can have a great impact, but be careful of anything with a strong scent, such as lilies.  

The garden - if you've neglected your garden, getting to work on it now is essential. Trim any overgrown shrubs, cut the grass and clean the patio and garden furniture. If it’s looking a bit sparse, a few planted pots can make a difference.    

Once you're happy with the results, please do give us a call. We’ll be happy to give you a valuation and advise you further about marketing your property to achieve the best price.