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Properties for sale and rent in Primrose Hill

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Properties In Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill estate agents Kubie Gold Associates are pleased to bring this information to you. We hope you find it useful.

Guide to Primrose Hill Area

Location and History

Primrose Hill

Once a hunting ground of Henry VII, this area is now a prime residential area and you will find many luxurious properties for rent and sale at Primrose Hill estate agents. Primrose Hill itself is a steep hill that offers excellent views of central London, Belsize Park and Hampstead.

The hill is lined with broad trees and surrounded by beautiful architecture, so you will find many desirable homes at estate agents in Primrose Hill.

The top of the hill is one of the six protected viewpoints of London and there are a number of chic bars, shops and restaurants in the area, which makes it popular with young professionals and families. Primrose Hill estate agents will be able to advise you on the best places to look for good leisure facilities and schools.

It is thought that the hill takes its name from the primroses that have flourished there since the 15th century and while it is now a popular place for a stroll or picnic, back in the 18th century, duel fights were held at dawn on the hill. And in the 19th century, fallouts from the Industrial Revolution, by establishing a boy's home on the corner of Regent's Park and King Henry's Roads. Then in the 20th century, women, children and bentleys, teamed up and successfully barricated roads to keep out the road warrior juggernauts in the seventies.

The built up part of Primrose Hill consists mainly of Victorian terraces. It is an upmarket, chic, known for its pubs that are relaxing and architecturally elegant, and has always been one of the most fashionable districts in the urban belt that lies between the core of London and the outer suburbs, and remains expensive and prosperous. It is well placed for easy access to the City and the West End. It has become popular with people in the arts and media, as well as entrepreneurs and professionals.

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Primrose Hill is in the London Borough of Camden.

This area guide is brought to you by Kubie Gold Associates, local Primrose Hill Estate Agents.

Local Medical Services

A good list of Medical Services in Primrose Hill is provided by Primrosehill.com & Primrose Hill Community Association.

  • Royal Free Hospital
    Pond Street, NW3 2QG
    Tel: 020 7794 0500
  • Adelaide Medical
    111 Adelaide Road, NW3 3RY
    Tel: 020 7722 4135
  • Primrose Group
    99 Regent's Park Road, NW1 8VR
    Tel: 020 7722 0038

This area guide is brought to you by Kubie Gold Associates, local Primrose Hill Estate Agents.

Local Schools

A good list of schools in the Primrose Hill area is provided here.


There is a public library in Primrose Hill.

Local Associations & Societies

The Friends of Regent's Park & Primrose Hill

A non-political body whose aim is to protect the beauty & tranquility of the area from developers and commercial exploitation.

Camden History Society

For sponsors events, lectures and newsletters which assist people interested in the history of this area.

Primrose Hill Community Association

Offers a range of educational and recreational activities and facilities to enhance the social well-being of those who live and work in primrose Hill. The Primrose Hill Community Centre also serves as a hub for other local civic groups.

A good list of Primrose Hill's Local Associations & Societies are provided by Primrosehill.com, Primrose Hill Community Association & web.onetel.com .

This area guide is brought to you by Kubie Gold Associates, local Primrose Hill estate agent.

Transport Links

Chalk Farm Tube Station is a London Underground station near Camden Town in London, and is in Travecard Zone 2. The station is on the Edgware branch of the Northern Line, between Camden Town & Belsize Park Stations.

Swiss Cottage Tube Station is a London Underground station at Swiss Cottage, and is in Travelcard Zone 2. It is on the Jubilee Line, between Finchley Road and St. John's Wood. There are quite a few bus routes that pass through or alongside Primrose Hill.

Here is a link to download PDF for Transport for Central London Bus Map & Night Bus Map.

Primrose Hill estate agents Kubie Gold Associates hopes this information is useful to you.


Leisure Facilities

Chalcot Square Garden a public area with recreation facilities for children generally open, though its hours may vary with the season.

Primrose Hill is a popular spot for outing, picnics, sightseeing, kite flying, sun bathing, frisbee flingers, and bench warmers for over 400 years, with people toiling to the top to enjoy magnificent panoramic views of London.

The wide open spaces of Regent's Park are nearby. This is a lovely place to go walking, running, and dog-walking. There are also many sports played here all year round. The hub, a facility opened in 2006 provides excellent facilities for the park's users.

There are leisure facilities in the vicinity and a handy list is provided here.

Helpful Web Sites

Primrose Hill local website.

Places of Interest & Notable Buildings

Chalcot Square is a collection of variously coloured houses in the heart of Primrose Hill, that carries a 10 to 15 per cent premium, costing about £4 million.

Miss Lala's Boudoir a boutique filled with vintage jewellery, lingeries, tutus, tops, period clothing, accessories and girly gifts for girls.

Odette's, Primrose Hill's premier restaurant serving French and continental dining from chef Bryn Williams in beautiful rooms close to Primrose Hill Park.

Clare's Kitchen is a small catering company located in North London near Regent's Park, which has been in business for nearly thirty years. Noted and known for their delicious snacks and well-regarded catering services.

The Engineer noted as the “Best Seafood Pub” in the London area in 1998, & one of London's first and finest gastro-pubs. With function rooms that are elegant and offers indoor as well as garden dining.

London Zoo a lovely city zoo and is the world's oldest scientific zoo. Located at Regent's Park, London.

The top of Primrose Hill are shown in many movies like, in the opening scene of “Bridget Jones Edge of Reason”. Also, parts of the British romantic-comedy Imagine Me & You of Lena Headey and Piper Perabo was also filmed on Primrose Hill, and many others.

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